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Digital People

The following individuals were involved with DATATRIEVE as employees of Digital Equipment Corporation. The level of involvement differs greatly from individual to individual. The job title or titles are approximate and are subject to verification and correction.

Name Job Title(s) web
Baron, Steve Development Manager for TEAMDATA, session presenter
Brown, Donna A. Developer for V3.1 through V5.0; project leader for later versions; session presenter, newletter articles
Carpenter, John SIG Counterpart

Cassidy, Terry

Cropper, Douglas Developer

Dalfovo, Irene Technical writer 5.1-7.0, Documentation Project Leader 6.1, 7.0

Daugherty, Mike

DePalma, Donald A. Wrote the VAX DATATRIEVE graphics book and the VAX DTR guide to DBMS databases, project leader for DBMS and Rdb documentation WEBPAGE MAILTO
Dietterich, Dan developer of the VAX version, author of classic newsletter article

Duncan, Anne Development Manager, session presenter, newsletter contributor, Greybeard(12/82)
Duncan, Chuck SIG Counterpart

Ferrar, Raymond session presenter, "keeper" of the internal Notes Conference

Fisher, Carl DTR-11 Developer

Fitzhugh, Mary Ann SIG Counterpart, RALLY Product Manager

Garcia, Evelyn Digital Training, session presenter

Gianni, Pierluigi Wrote Motif interface

Gould, Sharon DTR Working Group Counterpart, product manager for V6.0 to V7.1
Harris, Basil, Jr. SIG Counterpart, RALLY/TEAMDATA Product Manager, session presenter
Harris, Sue Developer, session presenter, newsletter articles
Harrison, Ann W. Wrote the text for HELP WOMBAT and HELP ADVANCED WOMBAT
Henning, John L. SIG Counterpart, Development Manager for RALLY, TEAMDATA, and DATATRIEVE, session presenter, newsletter articles, Greybeard(12/91)
Hochuli, Ted Wrote DECwindows interface
Horn, Nancy Project Leader 5.0

Jones, Wayne Documentation Specialist, Graybeard
Kaplan, Sandy

Kirkman, Jane Documentation Project Leader for 5.0, 5.1
Laham, Robert M. DTR-11 Developer??

Macchi, Federico M. Project manager and developer for DTR 6.0 and 6.1; project leader, project manager, and developer for DTR 7.0 and 7.1; DTR Working Group Counterpart; session presenter
Mandel, Nancy Wrote first DATATRIEVE-11 doc set

Marison, Ed Supervisor for VAX DATATRIEVE (deceased)

Muggia, Claudio Project Leader for DTR 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1, session presenter
Miotto, Olivo main developer for the CDA report writer and DATATRIEVE Client, session presenter
Mulvy, Joe DTR-11 Development Manager

Nelson, Kathy Jo

Opalka, Bill DTR-11 Development Manager

Rislove, Dick The marketing guy who got the whole ball rolling in 1976

Rivera, Paolo Development Manager

Rogers, Tony SIG Counterpart (RALLY), Developer & Development Supervisor for RALLY, session presenter

Sadler, Brent The Second DATATRIEVE developer

Searle, Kirk

Schneider, Andrew W. Developer, Development Supervisor, SIG Counterpart, session presenter, Greybeard(10/86)
Sierra, Carlos Developerr 5.1, 6.0, session presenter

Starkey, Jim "creator" of DATATRIEVE, Greybeard(5/82) WEBPAGE MAILTO
Thomas, Richard Documentation Project Leader for V6.0

Vernocchi, Luciano Product Manager

Wood, John F. SIG Counterpart

Wrobel, Katherine DATATRIEVE Colorado Support Center


DECUS People

The following individuals were involved with DATATRIEVE as DECUS volunteers. The level of involvement differs greatly from individual to individual. The job title or titles are approximate and are subject to verification and correction.
Name Job Title(s) web
Anderson, Sonia (Wanda) Session Notes Editor

Azzi, Dick special events, session presenter, Greybeard(10/83)

Babiarz, John J. Assistant Symposium Rep, DTR Working Group Vice Chair, session presenter

Copeland, Richard P. Information Folder Editor, Update.Daily Reporter, Associate Newsletter Editor
Cordiviola, Steve production newsletter editor, Communications Committee, session presenter WEBPAGE MAILTO
Cutuli, Judy Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Dickerson, Philip I. newsletter articles, session presenter

Duncan, Lynn Large System Liaison, session presenter

Fulton, James J. Seminars Committee

Gallagher, Joe H. SIG Chair (3rd), Newsletter Editor, session presenter, article contributor, Graybeard(12/85) WEBPAGE MAILTO
Hare, Keith DMS SIG Liaison, session presenter
Hilton, Joan Library Coordinator, Finance Committee

Jasmann, Larry M. SIG Chair (2nd & 5th), session presenter, Working Group Coordinator

Krentz, Susan Volunteer Coordinator

Lamb, Alix L. Special Effect, hardware, session presenter

Lederman, Bart Z. menu coordinator, library committee, artist, prolific article contributor, session presenter
Lott, Robert R. Campground Coordinator, session presenter

McIlvaine, Jim Co-founder of SIG,

McWilliams, Elaine Session Notes Editor, Communications Committee

Mealy, Cynthia (Curry) Publications coordinator, Newsletter Co-editor

Miller, Harry J. Volunteer Coordinator, DTR Working Group Chair, session presenter
Naecker, Philip A. Wombat Wizard column, feature editor, special consultant, session presenter, DMS SIG Liaison, PIR Coordinator WEBPAGE MAILTO
Nordby, Dave Co-founder of SIG, Pre-Symposium Training, Greybeard(5/82)

Pinney, Diane Assistant Symposia Committee Rep, New Product Focal Point, session presenter

Pratt, Lisa M. Symposia Committee Rep

Racel, Peggy

Reines, Herbert G. Associate Newsletter Editor

Reynolds, Bernadette Session Notes Editor, Symposia Committee Rep
Roberts, Mary E Session Notes Editor

Roseberry, Bert A. special projects, hardware, Black Book, session presenter, documentation proofreader, Campground Coordinator, Suite Coordinator, Greybeard(10/86)
Saxer, Gary

Schwartz, Dana J. Seminars Committee, Greybeard(4/87)
Scopelliti, Pasquale (Pat) F. session presenter, Associate Newsletter Editor
Stern, Donald E., Jr. SIG Chair (4th), Newsletter Editor, session presenter, newsletter articles, Greybeard(12/87)

Sventek, Virginia A. Newsletter Co-editor, Newsletter Editor
Tamer, Kathy Co-founder of SIG, Newsletter Editor, Library Committee, Greybeard(10/86)

Washburn, Diana

Watson, Chuck SIG Chair (1st), session presenter, newsletter articles

Wegner, Gary Session Notes Editor

Williams, Gerri Volunteer Coordinator, Library Committee

Wool, T. Chris Symposia Committee, PIR coordinator, session presenter

Joe H. Gallagher, Ph. D.