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Billing services for health care practitioners with specialization in Workers' Compensation.

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Electronic Claims Submission

North Shore Billing Services accepts billing claims electronically from medical practitioners, validates data, and submits them on electronic media to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Claims may be submitted for processing by OBWC or one of the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

Media and Formats

Claims to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation are normally submitted to North Shore Billing Services, Inc. from an MS-DOS compatible system using dial-up phone lines. Standard baud rates from 1200 to 57600 baud are supported as well as error correcting and data compression protocols. Submissions are controlled by BAT files and KERMIT script files (TAK files). NSBS, Inc. provides these BAT and TAK files at no charge to the customer. Currently, all of our customers are using MS-DOS compatible systems. Other machines and operating systems which have a version of KERMIT which supports both windowed packets (preferred) and a script language (required) may be used. However, versions for these other systems have not yet been developed and tested.

Accepted alternate Submission Media (at slightly higher fee) are:

Supported Data Formats

Currently we support submission of claims of data extracted from data bases of the following vendors:
E-Z-Comp™ NSBS, Inc.
MedPlus Trumbull Business Systems
ACPC Medical Data Systems
DOMS Doctor's Office Management System
DBS DB Consultants
CompuMedic CompuMedic Data Strategies
and several proprietary formats

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E-Z-Comp™ - OBWC Claim Billing Software

North Shore Billing Services, Inc. has developed, E-Z-Comp™, PC-based software for the management and submission of claims to Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. This software uses database technology and is implemented in Fox-Base. The software is specifically designed for and currently only permits submission of claims to the Bureau through NSBS, Inc. Setup and licensing fees for the software are: Machine requirements are: Software features include: Version 1.06 of E-Z-Comp™ is currently available. Recently added features include:

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E-Z-Lookup™ - Claim Lookup Software

E-Z-Lookup™ system allows you to determine which MCO (managed care organization) is servicing an employer in the HPP (state funded) system and the employer in the QHP (self-insured) system. You can determine the employer's risk (policy) number and where to send FROI (first report of injury) reports and medical bills. You may also determine claim status and allowed conditions by claim number or claimant last name with optional specification of first name or date of injury for state funded and self-insured claims.

To access this service, software must be installed on your IBM-PC compatible computer running MS-DOS or Windows-95 with a high speed modem. This software allows your PC to emulate a terminal and access North Shore's computer and the data on the 57 MCOs, the more than 282,000 state-funded employers, the more than 3300 self-insured employers, and the more than 2.9 million active claims.

For this service, there is a set up charge and a monthly fee.

The set up charge is $50.00 and includes installation, a user manual, and 1 hour of on-site training.

The monthly fee is volume dependent. There is a $5.00 per month minimum charge. In large volume, employers/MCO data is $0.50 per lookup. In large volume, claim/employer/MCO data is $1.50 per lookup. A complete fee schedule is available upon request.

The technical requirements for your PC are:

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Company Profile

North Shore Billing Services, Inc. is an S-corporation formed in January of 1993 to electronically process claims to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. During its first year of operation, North Shore Billing Services submitted almost 10 million dollars worth of claims. After almost five years of operations, North Shore Billing Services has submitted over 1.2 million service items and over 68 million dollars in claims.

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David A. Falk, President

David Falk has extensive experience in the banking and medical billing areas having worked for Women's Federal Savings Bank and General Computer Corporation/Medical Data Systems and successfully run two small medical billing services, Comprehensive Medical Billing and Comprehensive Medical Services. Mr. Falk is a 1976 graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati; he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Falk has specific and special knowledge of the operation of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Through Comprehensive Medical Services, Mr. Falk provides individualized assistance which complements the electronic billing services of NSBS, Inc. Mr. Falk may be contacted at (440) 777-0303 or you may send E-mail.
David A. Falk MAILTO

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Joe H. Gallagher, Director of Operations

Joe H. Gallagher is a medical physicist with special expertise in computing, image processing, and medical data base design. Dr. Gallagher holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the University of North Texas and a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from the University of Colorado. In addition to post-doctoral fellowships in Japan and Canada, Dr. Gallagher has been Assistant Profession of Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, the Directory of Medical and Research Computing at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Nuclear Medicine Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Gallagher has worked in medical computer for over 20 years; he is the former Chairman and Newsletter Editor of the DATATRIEVE/Fourth Generation Language Special Interest Group of the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society. He is the author of many refereed papers and technical articles. Dr. Gallagher may be contacted at (440) 885-9560 or you may send E-mail.
Joe H. Gallagher MAILTO

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Computer System

NSBS, Inc. timeshares on a new computer system used by several corporations. All equipment on the system was acquired since October 1992; significant new hardware was added in January of 1994. The system consists of the following: NSBS, Inc. uses KERMIT for data transfers and VAX-DATATRIEVE for claim processing and report writing. In addition, NSBS, Inc. either owns or has access to various IBM-PCs, PC compatibles, and Macintoshes for interface development.
Joe H. Gallagher, Ph. D.


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