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Chosen Go (also called Chosen Gomoku, Ninuki-Renju, and Pente) was a Japanese board game I learned while in Sapporo, Japan on a Visiting Scientist grant in Professor Kimio Ohno's Quantum Chemistry Department at the University of Hokkaido. Assistant Professor Fukashi Sasaki taught me how to pay Chosen Go and Gomoku (known internationally as Renji) as well as Shogi. Very quickly I became the strongest Chosen Go player beating all professors, students, and graduate students in the department. I could hold my own in Gomoku, but I never could get the hang of Shogi. Having played tournament chess in high school and with some rated players at the University of Colorado, I could easily beat the Japanese at chess because they had little experience. By the same token, I was no match for them in Shogi, a game they had played all their lives.

My wife and I learned Mahjong while we were in Japan. We pay using the Japanese rules. We have enjoyed playing Mahjong with several Japanese couples and have even taught several gaijin (Japanese for foreign) couples to play. The card game Ming is essentially the same a Mahjong; when younger, our two girls enjoyed playing Ming with my wife and me.


The greater Cleveland area is particularly musically blessed. The "best band in the land", the Cleveland Orchestra, is the centerpiece. Other outstanding organizations contributing to the rich musical heritages are: the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, the Cleveland Chamber Music Society, Apollo's Fire, the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, Cleveland Opera, Telarc International, and the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.

We are also blessed with two outstanding classical music stations: WCLV FM95.5 and WKSU FM87.7. Both stations vigorously support classical music and the performing arts in the area; both stations feed their signals to the Internet using the AudioActive system developer by Telos (also here in the Cleveland area). My favorite "on air" personality is Albert Petrak, the Weekend Host, on WCLV.

Joe H. Gallagher, Ph. D.


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