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The Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) runs a conferencing system for its members called DECUServe. The system uses VAX Notes as the conferencing tool. One of the conferences, the 4GL_AND_QUERY_TOOLS conference, contains information about DATATRIEVE. Only subscribers to the system may contribute notes; however, anyone on the Internet may browse (read) the notes. Below are pointers to Notes stream containing information about DATATRIEVE.

The Title information given here has been edited to more accurately reflect my sense of the contents. The word "DATATRIEVE" has been replaced with "DTR" to shorted (where possible) the titles. The Topic is the note number in the 4GL_AND_QUERY_TOLLS conference; the Author is the USERNAME of person who entered the first note in the stream; the Date is the date of the first note in the stream; and "Repl" is the number of replies to the original note.

 Topic  Author          Date        Repl Title
216 GALLAGHER 6-FEB-2002 0 Update on DATATRIEVE support 215 FERGUSON 31-MAR-2000 1 DATATRIEVE Training 214 GALLAGHER 3-JAN-2000 0 Uneventfull Y2K DATATRIEVE transition 213 GALLAGHER 15-NOV-1999 0 Disappointed in V7.2 DTR documentation 212 HASSINGER 20-AUG-1998 3 Considerations for putting DTR on an Alpha at this late date 211 WOOL 14-MAY-1998 6 DATATRIEVE V7.2 and Year 2000 209 GALLAGHER 30-OCT-1997 4 DATATRIEVE shared access question 206 FERGUSON 19-MAR-1996 5 CDD now optional in DTR V7.1 203 HASSINGER 19-APR-1995 3 Controlling when DTR prints column headers? 202 HASSINGER 3-APR-1995 6 Options for DTR access to remote Rdb databases? 201 HASSINGER 18-JAN-1995 3 DTR and DECforms V2? 197 HASSINGER 20-DEC-1993 3 DTR Clients 195 MCMICHAEL 17-NOV-1993 3 DTR V6.1A Installation Problem 188 FRIEDBERG 22-SEP-1993 7 DTR V6.1 upgrade and Alpha Datatrieve 186 GARDNER 7-JUL-1993 1 Help with CROSS {CROSS not appropriate method} 182 MCMICHAEL 13-MAY-1993 1 UIC via DTR (using FN$DCL) 171 MCMICHAEL 31-DEC-1992 4 Report Writer question (break on COMPUTED BY) 170 FRIEDBERG 5-NOV-1992 7 DTR V6.0-1 bugs/problems 168 WATERSTRAAT 5-OCT-1992 1 Problem with DTR V6.0 and DECwindows 164 FERGUSON 1-SEP-1992 2 Joining domains: counting the MANY relation 161 PATTEEUW 18-AUG-1992 1 Where is FN$BABY_ED function? 154 HASKIN 27-APR-1992 4 DTR function for day-of-week? 151 DESCH 17-MAR-1992 3 DTR V6.0 (new features) 149 FERGUSON 18-FEB-1992 2 Using CROSS and context variables 144 BEATTY 9-DEC-1991 2 Date conversion from ASCII NBS format 142 WYSOCKI 1-OCT-1991 3 Report Writer; totals of hierarchical data 130 TANNENBAUM 6-MAR-1991 5 Problems with callable DTR V5.1 after adding patches 128 RENAULT 9-FEB-1991 5 What is DTR? 127 RENAULT 9-FEB-1991 1 Mail Labels (2 up) 126 BEATTY 17-JAN-1991 11 DTR and TPU (problem with logical names) 118 RICE 26-SEP-1990 4 Alignment of fields in record 117 RAPHAEL 13-SEP-1990 4 Record Definition for SYSUAF & FN$FAO function 115 MAYHEW 20-AUG-1990 1 Zoned numeric data type 114 MAYHEW 20-AUG-1990 1 How do you generate a Form Feed? 111 MAYHEW 20-AUG-1990 2 Screen managers for DTR 107 WATERSTRAAT 13-AUG-1990 2 Looking for DTR FN$ESCAPE function 102 SHUMAKER 10-JUL-1990 1 PowerHouse -- Datatrieve for ad-hoc queries? 95 TATRAI 25-APR-1990 2 Data update performance question 94 HENNING 23-APR-1990 0 DATATRIEVE PIRs (product improvement requests) 90 RENAULT 28-MAR-1990 1 How do you append to a field? 89 RENAULT 13-MAR-1990 5 Moving data to IBM via TAPE 88 RENAULT 12-MAR-1990 0 Print formatting question; horizontal vs. vertical# 87 RENAULT 8-MAR-1990 1 Is there a difference in use of double or single quotes? 86 THORN 2-MAR-1990 8 Math/Inconsistent round-off/Formatted output 75 WATSON_J 5-JAN-1990 1 How do I exclude records on a CROSS? 74 TATRAI 20-DEC-1989 1 DTR Edit error 72 LEWIS_C 13-DEC-1989 3 DTR sort file error 67 FERGUSON 3-NOV-1989 3 Packed decimal data type in Cobol & DATATRIEVE 64 TATRAI 21-SEP-1989 19 How to speed up data entry? (File tuning problem) 63 TATRAI 21-AUG-1989 1 Can two domains use same data file? 55 PATTEEUW 4-AUG-1989 3 Default buffers; use of secondary keys; debug mode 54 NORTON 4-AUG-1989 0 "Horizontal" reporting sums# 51 TATRAI 21-JUL-1989 6 DTR Domain Protection 50 KULPA 17-JUL-1989 1 Representations of bits in binary data# 49 SCOPELLITI 23-JUN-1989 1 Trying to run DTR in a DETACHed process 48 PATTEEUW 12-JUN-1989 0 Fast loop exit question# 47 AMBY 12-JUN-1989 6 Using DTR for reports on MARKTOOL data 45 MAY 28-APR-1989 1 USAGE IS DATE field from Fortran 44 PINSLEY 4-APR-1989 2 Equal RSE on a non-fixed field variable 43 HOPKINS 19-MAR-1989 2 DTR & VMS Accounting Record 42 PINSLEY 2-MAR-1989 6 Using Callable DTR 41 HASSINGER 15-FEB-1989 0 Controlling PRINT statement column heading suppression# 40 CASS 9-FEB-1989 10 Passing information to DCL via FN$DCL (CMS related) 37 ROSEBERRY 25-NOV-1988 0 IF condition THEN FN$EXIT 36 ROSEBERRY 25-NOV-1988 0 Use of AND in print list rather than comma 34 ROSEBERRY 10-SEP-1988 0 DTR V4.2 now checks function status return 33 TINKELMAN 3-AUG-1988 3 Features of DTR V4.2 32 PATTEEUW 20-JUL-1988 0 What is maximum length of statement/command?# 31 PATTEEUW 20-JUL-1988 1 Date formatting from FMS to DTR; why does it work?# 30 ROSEBERRY 6-JUL-1988 0 Swap TAB and RETURN Keys In FMS 29 FRIEDBERG 18-JUN-1988 0 DTR-11 RSX-11M Remote access question 28 PATTEEUW 17-JUN-1988 4 Telling FMS to Quit; "gracefull" exit? 27 ROSEBERRY 5-MAY-1988 0 Virtual Memory Disappears; callable DTR V4.1 problem 26 HASSINGER 14-APR-1988 1 Context recognition issues in multi-domain view domains? 25 LEDERMAN 5-FEB-1988 8 Highlight fields in FMS? 24 KATZ 4-FEB-1988 2 Problem with callable DTR and exit handler 22 REYNOLDS 22-DEC-1987 2 "importing" data to DTR 21 ROSEBERRY 1-DEC-1987 1 DTR V4.1 bug; CDD locking 20 SCHWARTZ 10-NOV-1987 2 Does anyone have DTR V1.0? 19 HASSINGER 5-NOV-1987 3 SPR on RELEASEing forms with RELEASE ALL...# 18 HASSINGER 23-OCT-1987 3 How can I zero a RUNNING TOTAL at a report break?# 16 HASSINGER 4-SEP-1987 4 DTR vs LSE problem... 15 KASPER 1-SEP-1987 3 Elderly Task Images (dictionary maintenance routines; PDP-11s) 14 SCHWARTZ 4-AUG-1987 1 Different Results; RSE placement 13 KASPER 7-JUL-1987 14 How to use plot? Attached and non-attached printer? 12 ROSEBERRY 30-JUN-1987 3 Adding Functions w/ COMMON and MAP 11 DOHERTY 25-JUN-1987 0 Arithmetic Bug in Datatrieve-11 10 LEDERMAN 24-JUN-1987 2 DTR, TDMS and Line Editing 9 WALLIS 9-JUN-1987 4 Problems when calling callable DTR a second time 8 REYNOLDS 3-JUN-1987 5 How to "import" data into DTR? 7 HASSINGER 18-MAY-1987 4 How do you work with MISSING data? 6 ROSEBERRY 18-MAY-1987 0 Computed by UIC 5 SCHWARTZ 12-MAY-1987 3 DTR command line recall

Joe H. Gallagher, Ph. D.